Play Pokemon Snap Rom- One Of The Most Played And Admired Games

The craze of pokemon was at its peak during the 1990s. Pokemon was everywhere. From toothbrush to clothing, you name it. Almost every company tried to lure people with pokemon theme products, and it worked making the companies earn huge profits. Same goes with the video games too. Several video games based on pokemon were released. Amongst them pokemon snap rom was one of the videos games whose millions of copies were sold.

Pokemon Snap Rom

Pokemon Snap Rom

In the Pokemon series, it is the spin-off game. It is a console based and a single player game and features many pokemon, to be precise 63 in 3-D for the first time and that too in real time. Originally it was announced by Nintendo 64DD title but due to delay did by 64DD in its development; Nintendo 64 took over its development. First, it was released in Japan in 1999 and later in North America in the same year while in 2000 in the PAL regions.

The objective of the game

Unlike other Pokemon games where players used to take part in a pokemon duel, this game is based on a new concept, photography. The main aim of the game is to take pictures of the pokemon. After the completion of each round of pokemon snap rom, the winner is announced by the quality of pictures clicked by the players.


From a protagonist point of view, Todd Snap is the main character who is a Pokemon photographer. He is summoned by Professor Oak who is a pokemon researcher. He lives on an island named as Pokemon Island. This island has diverse geographic regions and climate. This island is inhabited by different kinds of pokemon, and there is no human settlement. Professor Oak needs photos of different kinds of pokemon for his research. Therefore he assigned the task of clicking photos of pokemon to Todd. When pokemon snap rom download by players, they will find that Todd travels in his amphibious buggy which runs on a rail track and is named as Zero-One. Todd sets out on an exploration to take the pictures of various kinds of pokemon inhabiting the island.


A player has to access the lab of Professor Oak for selecting the levels and utilizing the various features of the game. Throughout a level linear path is followed by the Zero-One. A player can take a maximum of 60 photos per visit. After completing the tour, the best pictures of each pokemon has to be selected by the players. These photos are then reviewed by Professor Oak, and the best are included in the Pokemon Report. With the help of pokemon snap wii rom message board, players can save their photos for the future to send it to their friends. The inclusion of pictures in Pokemon Report depends on the kind of photo taken like the pokemon’s size, its pose or keeping a pokemon in the frame.

There is the provision of providing extra point to the players. Extra points are awarded for clicking a “special pose” of pokemon like surfing Pikachu or multiple pokemon in a single frame or a special pokemon. To make progress in the game players have to score well in Pokemon Report which can be done by capturing a variety of pokemon. The feature of “Album Mark” allows the players to bookmark their photos. Players can view these photos later or show it to their friends.

During the initial stage of the pokemon snap rom that works on a console, players are equipped with only a camera but as the game advances players are given some unique items by Professor Oak which are as follows:

  • Apples- These are pokemon food. Used to lure the pokemon
  • Pester balls- Used to stun or knock out a pokemon
  • Poke flute- Used to wake a pokemon
  • Dash engine- Increases Zero-One’s speed

Stages or locations

In all, there are 7 locations or scenes where players can find pokemon. Here is the list of the different stages of this game in chronological order:

  • Beach stage- This stage starts with a wooden structure and a cave covered with moss in the shape of a pokemon named Kingler and hence called a Kingler Rock. As the scene advances the spectacular view of the beach will be introduced to the players. Todd can photograph twelve types of pokemon found here
  • Tunnel stage- It is the second stage of pokemon snap n64 rom. It is situated at the foot of a volcano which is active. It is a long and dark tunnel. This tunnel was once used by the workers of a decommissioned powerplant. It became the home of several electric type pokemon. Like the previous stage, Todd can photograph twelve types of pokemon found here. A Pincer shadow is located at the end of this stage
  • Volcano- Mainly fire type pokemon are found here. The only non-fire type pokemon found here is Magikarp which dwells in a small muddy pond near the volcano. A total of ten different species live here
  • River stage- A river can be seen flowing alongside the forest. Twelve different species of grass type and water type pokemon can be found here
  • Cave stage- Both poison type and nocturnal type pokemon inhabit this place. Numerous large crystals attached to the cave twinkle like stars because of which Mewtwo shaped constellation can be seen
  • Valley stage- It has several twists and drops, fast-flowing rapids along with a river flowing through the valley. At the end of the stage, a lagoon is found while at the beginning of the phase three mountain peaks can be seen. Thirteen different types of pokemon are found here.
  • Rainbow cloud- It is a kind of secret stage. After completing all the previous steps, players are sent to the rainbow-colored cloud at the top of the pokemon island to take the photographs of the rarest pokemon

Despite being a spectacular game, there were some glitches which were removed through the release of a pokemon snap rom fix. Because of the exciting nature of the game, it became famous among the gamers rapidly and gave Nintendo 64 one of its most massive selling video games of all time.


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